news - 1.4.2010

Ok it's been a while since I finised the last study project
but finally it's on the page
It's an digital compositing movie and it's definitly been one of my most complex projects
and it's featuring one of the coolest actors on earth. ;)
Die haerteste WG der Welt (the toughest flat share of the world)

news - 14.8.2009

It's time to put some new stuff on the page.
in semester number 6 I made an animated movie and one with real persons.
check it out!!
Jailhouse-Rock Robot and Autopsie

news - 10.5.2009

YEAH, finally I finished my first UT3 map. The map isn't really a hardcore gameplay level. It's again more about the graphics and athmosphere.

news - 16.08.2008

It's time to put the work from the third and fourth semesters on the page.
Both videos are made for the computer-graphic subject.
flying isle and bell tower

news - 16.10.2007

ONS-Iguazu released
It was time to release the map after over one year construction.
Hope you like it ;)

news - 19.7.2007

Finished the semester. yeah!!
So I put some work on the page. LAB-GAME
Have more fun!!! ;)

news - 23.3.2007

Hi, as you can see, finally I launched my own website.
Here you can look at the stuff I created in the last years.
Have fun!!! ;)

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