SkiRanger is an arcade styled PC-Partygame for Kinect and XtionPRO cameras. It’s using the UnrealDevelopmentKit by EpicGames and supports the most common Kinect drivers, frameworks and hacks at the same time.

Originally we (me and Henrik Weirauch) started to develop SkiRanger during our diploma thesis at the HTW-Dresden back in 2010 for the Stage Motion Capture System of OrganicMotion. Our goal was to implement a game which could be played nicely with the entire body and without a traditional inputdevice.

When the MoCap version of the game came along very well, we took the opportunity to continue our work by porting the skigame to Microsofts Kinect camera which was released during the development.

By using the OpenNI framework the camera delivers basically the same kind of data as the Stage-MoCap-System and allows us to bring the game into the livingrooms of other people who are owning a Windows-PC and a MS Kinect (XBox360/Win) or a Asus XtionPRO camera.

Unfortunately SkiRanger never got released on Steam or XBox Live back in the days. But the latest version of our game is free for private use and can be downloaded here.


The game supports both camera types in combination with various frameworks and drivers from that time.

  1. Connect your sensor camera to an USB 2.0 port
  2. If you have a Kinect XBox360 install this driver first. (unoffical Kinect to OpenNi driver with best performance)
  3. Then install SkiRanger from here. (this includes drivers for Kinect for Windows and ASUS Xtion cameras)
  4. Play the game! (basic instructions can be found here)

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