Just finished the work on DEKK, our TOXIKK reinterpretation of the all time classic UnrealTournament Deck16.

Of course we haven’t changed the beyond all doubt layout of Epicgames much.
I was responsible for creating the new scifi assets and decorating the level to become a “EDEN Core research facility”. But beside that I developed a new reflectionsystem for the UDK wich supports local parallax corrected cubemap reflections in combination with ScreenSpaceReflections for translucent materials. The system also supports Material roughness to achieve the PhysicallyBasedRendering look of modern game engines.


We revealed our back-to-the-roots Arena-FPS TOXIKK and I’m finally able to show you on what I’m currently working.

Right now I’m the Technical Director of TOXIKK and responsible for developing all kinds of gameplay features and tools. Additionally I have been working on all kinds of effects for the game and was responsible for the design of the below shown environment.

more screenshots

Trabi Simulator

The DDR-Museum Berlin has a new Trabi Driving Simulator. It allows you to drive in a real Trabant 601 through an common east-berlin prefabricated residential area called “Plattenbau-Siedlung”.
Markus Braun from Stromkreisparadies transformed the Trabi into a gamecontroller. So you are able to use the steeringwheel, pedals and the real keys to start/stop the 25hp two-stroke engine. Even the tachometer is working.
I was responsible for the design and development of the entire game by using the UnrealDevelopmentKit.

Read the full article about the Trabi-Simulator in the BZ-Berlin magazine.

The following partners were involved in the development: Memocine, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Medialifespot, ravir Film

simple C++ games

During my studies I have developed various minigames. Two of them are visually good enough to share with you ;). The first one is a simple 2D Maze game where you get in control of a golden bug and have to find the magic portal to the next level. The second one is a two player 3D Checkers game in an American-Football setting.

Maze game: Download
-animated 2D Sprites
-Maze generator
-The Bug can solve the maze by itself

Checkers game: Download
-DirectX 9 rendering
-Save, Load and Undo the gamestate
-two players
-PomPoms are visualizing the audio by using FastFourierTransformation